History of the Marquette Hotel cont...

Opening in the spring of 1929, the roof garden was the highest point in downtown Cape Girardeau. "From the roof garden, Girardeans may command a fine view not only of the city, but of Illinois and the rolling terrain that stretches along the banks of the Mississippi river."8

Unfortunatley, with the onset of the Great Depression in the late twenties the owners were forced to sell the business to the Berberich Delivery Company of St. Louis in a bankruptcy suit.9 The Berberich's owned and operated the hotel until December 31, 1969, when the family sold the building to Thad Bullock for $150,000. Although the business was shut down in July of 1971 by the Missouri Division of Health for safety violations10, he and his family resided on the second floor of the hotel until 1976.11

The building had been on the market since, and most of the furnishings have been sold at an auction held by the owner. Although many suggestions for renovation have been offered over the years, the Hotel marquette had experienced nothing but bad luck since it closed its doors in the seventies, and it was quickly deteriorating. Once considered "one of the finest hotels in the Midwest,"12 the hotel was also a favorite target for local vandals. Since it's closing, it has had several small fires set inside, and in December 1992, a 30-pound glazed pylon was pushed from the roof and crashed to the ground near Fountain street.

Prost Builders purchased the hotel from the Bullock family on July 13, 2002 and spent two years renovating the structure. Today it houses several state and private offices, as well as space for future restaurants and shops.

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